Most of the golf cars we sell come right off our golf courses.  We buy them at great volume prices, maintain them to high standards, and then refurbish them and sell directly to the public. 

This “direct from the course to the consumer” is something no other dealers in our area can offer, and it saves our customers HUNDREDS of dollars!

We’ve learned what to look for in a used golf car, and have created a FREE INFORMATION GUIDE on the 5 Most Expensive Mistakes people make when buying a golf car – and how you can avoid them! The savings just begin when you buy a golf car from us.  We offer FIRST CLASS service and repair work on all makes and models of golf cars, and we specialize in EZGo, Yamaha and Club Car models.  In the market to just RENT a golf car?  We have you covered!  Our rental fleet offers everything from standard golf cars suitable for golf tournaments and outings to 4 passenger and 6 passenger options that will fit any need or budget. So no matter what your golf cart needs may be, Paradise Golf Cars has the answer!  CONTACT US